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As the story goes, “24 years ago while attending CWU… there I was running around campus with a pager and a pocket full of quarters… selling used apple processing equipment.” That is the response Scott Main gives when asked how the company started. From those humble beginnings, Byron Automation quickly grew from selling used fruit lines to designing and patenting new equipment. One turned into two, two into four and so on. Soon Byron began to leverage its experience, knowledge and ability to become the largest importer of European palletizers in the nation. Our work took us all over the world. All the while, we continued to build our infrastructure and research new and advanced ways help our clients achieve their goals. 

That path lead us to the world of robotics some 18 years after that first used fruit line. Today, Byron Automation still works all over the world and our company has grown into a full scale Engineered Solutions Provider. Be it Consulting, R&D Services, Engineering, Building, Installing or Servicing, Byron has the right team to help you reach your organizational goals.

Byron Automation is preferred solutions provider for ABB Robotics, a factory trained Fuji Robotics Integrator, a Nord Gear Distributor, a preferred Rockwell/Allen Bradley OEM, Cousins Packaging integration point and the North American distributor for F3 Design Stretch-Hooders.

We leverage these hard earned and long built relationships to bring our clients the top-of-class components their organizations deserve.

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